Retailer Seminars

The home decor & giftware retailer seminars provide a platform for sharing knowlegde and best practise within the industry. These seminars have been devised to help Nigerian retailers and buyers increase revenue, upskill their teams and promote their brand. These sessions are free to attend for all registered visitors.

Unfortunately the 2017 event has already ended, see below a summary of topics and information on our 2017 speakers. The 2018 retailer seminar agenda will be available from August 2018, if you would like to join this prestigious conference as a speaker, please contact Whyte Otokini. Speaker slots are extremely popular and fill up quickly, so please enquire as soon as possible to avoid disapointment.

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Topics include:

Developing customer satisfaction

    • Delivering outstanding customer service (What are the standard procedures)
    • Customer retention (What are the odds with tough competition)
    • Earning Customer Loyalty
    • Is a customer really King?

    Accessing finance

    • Managing your Budget: Managing change, complexity and risk
    • Funding options
    • Book-keeping/ Financial Records
    • Secret of Staying in Business

    It’s all about the brand

    • Giving your brand more personality
    • Building a strong brand and encouraging brand loyalty
    • Getting the best out of your suppliers
    • Brand Impression
    • Importance of the in-store experience & Social Media

    Trends & Designs; Keeping up with the developments

    • Trends of the future: What trends will matter most for the future (Future Designs)
    • Top 20 trends of 2018 – Outdoor, Living & Kitchen
    • Space Management (Best Practices)
    • How to decide what to buy

    Beyond your territory: How to expand your reach

    • Standards to Competing in the global market (Quality & Attitude)
    • Export opportunities
    • Preparations for the Challenges in the global market
    • Your local region; the beginning of expansion
    • Conditions & Policies affecting expansion(Negatives/Positives)

    Embracing Technology; the journey so far.

    • e-commerce & the internet boom, its implication, abuse & Security
    • How technology affects retail, Is it positive or negative
    • Improving the virtual office (website), its impact
    • Technology and Customer Service Innovations
    • Use & Abuse of Big DATA in Retail
    • Is Digital Marketing and online selling more beneficial

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